Over the next few months, we are working on a project to find out the most urgent health care needs of our local communities.

We are a large health service with 29 hospitals and health care facilities, covering an area of about 90,000 square kilometres.

Our communities are widespread, diverse and, much like you, unique.

You can help shape the future of health care in your community by completing this short, five-minute survey.

We want to hear about your most recent health care experience whether it was in a hospital, GP office or health care clinic.

What worked well? What could be improved? Is there a service you need that you can’t access locally?

We want to hear from everyone including people from vulnerable community groups, and people with diverse backgrounds. We will also be working with our staff and main stakeholders to get the complete picture.

Complete the survey here.

Your experience will help shape the health care in your community.

Check back here for project updates.

Last updated: July 2022