Getting discharged from hospital

We'll monitor your progress in hospital and discharge you when we're sure it's safe to send you home.

The day before you go home, we'll make sure that you're happy with the plan for your ongoing care.

Please ask any questions you may have or discuss any concerns with your treating team before you go home.

You may need to continue treatment when you get home. You may also need some home support services or follow up specialist or clinic appointments.

If your condition gets worse after you go home, contact your GP or return to hospital.

Discharge times

Discharge times vary between wards and hospitals. We try to discharge patients in the morning, but it's not always possible. We'll give you an approximate discharge time to help you arrange transport from the hospital.

If you can't leave hospital at the time planned for your discharge, talk to your treating team about waiting options. You'll be cared for until you're discharged.

Your medications for home

We'll let you know about changes to your medication or any new medicine that you'll need to take. We'll tell you what they are and when you need to take them.

Some medications you must get through a hospital pharmacy. Make sure you check if you need more medicine from our pharmacy before you go home.

Before you leave

Before you leave hospital, make sure your nurse or doctor gives you:

  • your follow up outpatient appointment details
  • any new medication, scripts and instructions
  • arrangements for community support services.

You should also make sure:

  • you have all your personal belongings
  • you've signed claim forms and paid your fees
  • you've collected any items held for you
  • your mailing address details are correct
  • you've got any medical certificates that you need for work or study.

After you leave hospital, you may need to return for an outpatient clinic. If you need to know more, call your hospital. They'll help connect you to the clinic on your appointment card or letter.

If you can’t get to an appointment, please tell us in plenty of time so your appointment can be given to someone else.

Discharge against medical advice

You're allowed to leave the hospital before doctors discharge you, unless you have an infectious disease.

If you decide to leave against our medical advice, you could be putting your health at risk. We'll ask you to sign a disclaimer form. You can return to hospital if your condition doesn't improve.

Getting home from hospital

If you can, ask a family member or friend to take you home from hospital. We recommend that you have someone to help you get home safely. Make plans for someone to pick you up before you're discharged. If you need help with transport, please let your care team know.

Ambulances don't usually take people home from hospital and the hospital doesn't arrange taxis. It's up to you to arrange your own way home. You can talk to us if you're having problems getting home.

Step Down

As a busy regional hospital, there are lots of people that need our care. We might move you to another hospital in the Darling Downs region if:

  • you need to stay a bit longer to recover
  • you don't need specialist care.

We call this “Steps to Home”. Find out more about Steps to Home [PDF 162 KB].

Toowoomba Hospital Transfer Lounge

The Toowoomba Hospital Transfer Lounge is where patients get discharged. The lounge team will help with your discharge arrangements. The lounge is on level 2 of the Medical block.

You can get to the transfer lounge from the Pechey Street entrance. It's the main drop off and pick up zone for patients, families and carers.

Transfer lounge opening hours

Monday to Friday 7:30 am to 5 pm.

Last updated: December 2022