• Annual reports

    Our annual reports provide information on our activities and funding.

  • Strategic Plan

    Our strategic plan sets our vision and priorities so our health service continues to grow and meet the changing needs of our communities.

  • Health Service Plan

    Our health services plan sets our vision for how we'll meet the health needs of our communities into the future.

  • Strategic Workforce Planning

    Our strategic workforce planning framework is based on the Queensland Government Public Service Commission's Whole of Government framework.

  • Clinical Services Capability Framework

    Our clinical services capability framework outlines clinical and support services our hospitals can safely provide within their capability level.

  • Clinician Engagement Strategy

    Our vision is to engage our clinical workforce to deliver high-value, patient-centred care.

  • Clinical Governance Framework

    We show how compassionate patient centred care is at the heart of this framework, supported by four key components – safety, quality, reliability and engagement.

  • Consumer and Community Engagement Strategy

    We're committed to providing meaningful opportunities for patients, carers and consumers to have a say on healthcare services.

  • Health Equity Strategy and Implementation Plan

    The Health Equity strategy outlines how we will achieve health equity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

  • Local Area Health Needs Assessment (LANA) Priorities Report

    LANA Priorities Report was designed to help all agencies and services across the Darling Downs Health region understand the health needs of our community.

Last updated: May 2024