Our commitment statement

Darling Downs Health allows you to access information held within our health service. We won't give you access if it's in the public's best interest for us to keep it private.

What is right to information

The Right to Information (RTI) process is the Queensland Government's approach to giving the community greater access to information.

This is defined under two pieces of legislation.

Making a Right to Information Application

Ask if your information is available through our administrative access process before applying for your personal information under the IP Act 2009. Email our Release of Information Unit on DDInfoaccess@health.qld.gov.au.

Check what information is already available

Before applying, check to see if the information is on one of the following Queensland Health websites.

If you can’t find the information you're looking for, please email us at DDInfoaccess@health.qld.gov.au before lodging a request.

Right of review

If you’re not satisfied with our decision on your access application you can apply to have it reviewed. This must be done within 20 business days from the date on the letter telling you our decision.

Please contact the Health Information Systems team directly on 07 4616 6000 to discuss further.

You can also apply to have our decision reviewed by the Information Commissioner.

Documents are in PDF format. If you need a different format, contact 07 4616 6000.

Last updated: December 2022