Five date ideas to get your heart racing this Valentine’s day

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Is your significant other into health and fitness? Are you committed to your new year’s ‘healthier me’ resolutions? Or are you just looking for a Valentine’s Day date that is a little bit out of the ‘chocolate’ box?

Get your honey’s heart racing (and score big points for a date that will leave you feeling the bliss, not the bloat) with a healthy Valentine’s Day date this year.

Here are five ideas to get you inspired:

1. Schedule a couple’s massage

Apart from being a super-relaxing treat, massage has so many health benefits! Just some of the positives include reduced muscle tension and/or pain, improved circulation, stimulation of the lymphatic system, and reduced stress. CUPID SAYS: Guaranteed to leave you and your sweetheart feeling blissfully chilled out and loved up.

2. Do a dance class, or just go dancing

Ok guys, here’s a hot tip for free – most ladies love dancing. Find a dance class, or a venue with a live band, and take your girl out for a twirl! Plus, it’s a great way to get some aerobic exercise and increase muscle tone and strength. FOR THE WIN: Channel your inner Patrick Swayze (Dirty Dancing) and you will be sure to sweep your date off her feet.

3. Take a hike

Who wouldn’t be wooed by a romantic walk, just the two of you, taking in mother nature’s beauty? Hiking can also lower stress levels, improve mental wellbeing, reduce the risk of heart disease, and lower blood pressure and cholesterol.
EXTRA POINTS: Pack a healthy picnic and watch your romance rating go through the roof.

4. Bowl him over

Girls, if you are looking for a guy-friendly date idea – this one should be right up his alley (see what we did there?!) Ten pin bowling is fun and relaxing as well as being a great muscle toning and strengthening workout. Can also be done in air-conditioned comfort, in a cute outfit (well, except for the shoes … but everyone has to wear those). PRO TIP: Don’t forget to take your own socks!

5. Cook a nutritious delicious dinner together

Find a mouth-watering yet healthy recipe (there are some great ideas here), go shopping for some fresh ingredients, invite your date over and let the food fun begin! Pop a Valentine’s-themed playlist on and you will be cooking up some romance in no time. OPTIONS: Strengthen your bond by cooking together, or treat your date to a seat and a nice glass of something while they watch you cook … your call!

So there you have it! Five great ways to create a date he or she will always remember. Happy Valentine’s Day lovers!