Tips for graduate Nurses

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After three or more years of textbooks, lecturers, all-nighters, endless coffee, practical assessments, and declining events to finish assignments, you have finally graduated university.

After what felt like a slow crawl to the finish line, you have completed the ceremonial throw of your graduation cap in the air with your classmates.

With feelings of happiness, excitement and maybe a little anxiety, you are about to enter the workforce and put all the knowledge and skills you learnt to the test.

To make your life easier, we chatted to three graduate nurses, Brooke, Maxine and Rachel, who completed their 12-month graduate nursing program with us, to provide you with four tips to help you with your first year in the workforce!

1. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions

As a freshly graduated nurse, you are not expected to know everything at the start of your career. If you are unsure on anything, ask the question. No question is a silly question. Our graduate program provides a foundation of support, and your new work colleges will happily answer any questions you have because once, they were in your shoes.

2. Ask someone to observe a procedure

If you are unsure on how to complete a procedure that you need to perform, ask your clinical facilitator to watch you do it, and if needed guide you through the process. This is a great way to learn and gain practical experience.

3. Accept that you will make mistakes

In your first year as a registered nurse, you will make mistakes. But these mistakes provide a great opportunity to learn and move on. Make sure to plan your holidays throughout the year to prevent you from burning out and making mistakes.

4. Give everything a go

Make the most of this new opportunity. Put your hand up first to try something new, show initiative and jump outside your comfort zone; it’s one of the best ways to learn.

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