Darling Downs Health Digital Strategy set to move healthcare into a digital future

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Matt Craig, Director of ICT Services

Matt Craig, Director of ICT Services

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Darling Downs Health have set their eyes on accessible, sustainable, and technologically advanced care as they realise the opportunity a Digital Health Service presents.

The ‘Digital Strategy 2022 – 2027’, released earlier this year, outlines the steps the Health Service will take over the next five years to become better connected and improve the digital capability of the organisation.

Director of ICT Services at Darling Downs Health Matt Craig said the strategy would lay the foundations for the future of digital healthcare for the community.

“This strategy outlines the steps that we must take as an organisation to ensure we are a Digital Health Service by 2027.

“Over the next five years we’ll look to invest significantly into a broad range of areas including our people, infrastructure and data processes that will help deliver the best outcome for patients, staff and more broadly the community.

“A lot of what we are planning to do will be through utilising network connectivity that leverages off the latest technologies, meaning instantaneous connectivity, data transfers and accessibility to information, which is a complex task in a hospital setting where the security of data is so paramount,” Mr Craig said.

Annette Scott Chief Executive of Darling Downs Health said that the digital strategy would enable the Health Service to be better connected across the 110,000 square kilometres it covers.

“We have over 20 facilities in our Health Service and this strategy outlines how we can improve the connectivity not just to the facilities and their patients, but to staff as well.

“If we can empower our clinical staff with digital solutions, we know that there is an increase in capability and efficiency, which means more time can be spent with patients in our facilities or providing updates to family and friends.

“This will all culminate when the new Toowoomba Hospital is completed and we’ll be utilising various digital devices and platforms across the facility, which will be incredibly exciting,” Ms Scott said.

Operating over three project delivery milestones, the strategy includes the development of a data warehouse, a full suite of Wi-Fi connected devices for all and training the workforce to be digital ready, among other key milestones.