Outstanding dedication from Public Health Unit in Toowoomba

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Rebecca Gibbons and Peter Boland from the Darling Downs Public Health Unit

Rebecca Gibbons and Peter Boland from the Darling Downs Public Health Unit

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More than two years of unwavering commitment, support and teamwork has resulted in an honour for the Darling Downs Health Public Health Unit.

The unit recently won an award from the South West / Darling Downs Regional Group of Environmental Health Australia (EHA) for their COVID-19 response.

From contract tracing to keeping stakeholders updated, the team went above and beyond to keep their community safe throughout the pandemic.

Manager of Environmental Health Peter Boland said the recognition was a wonderful surprise.

“We don’t come to work to be acknowledged or celebrated. We come to work to make a difference every single day, but it’s incredible to know that we are appreciated by our peers.

“It’s quite amazing to look back and reflect on the enormous amount of work that we undertook, especially as things were changing so quickly.

“None of us had ever experienced a situation like this before, but it made us even stronger as a team and provided many learning opportunities that we still utilise in our work today.

“We’re extremely honoured to receive this award and would like to thank our community for trusting us to help keep them safe,” he said.

EHA described the Darling Downs Public Health Unit as the ‘premier example of the work ethic that embodies this award.’

Director of Public Health and Community Medicine Dr Liam Flynn said he’s extremely proud of the team for this achievement.

“Our staff are very capable and compassionate people and it’s great to see that their outstanding dedication hasn’t gone unnoticed in the wider community.”

“Thank you to the entire Darling Downs Public Health Team for continuing to exceed expectations.”