Electronic health records

If you're a health care provider involved in the ongoing care of the patient, you can access the following health records electronically:

  • discharge summaries - November 2013 onwards
  • pathology reports - June 2018 onwards
  • medical imaging reports - June 2018 onwards
  • outpatient letters - July 2019 onwards
  • medication list.

You can access these by using the Health Provider Portal or My Health Record. If you don't already have access to the Health Provider Portal, you'll need to register.

Information Access Unit

As a registered health practitioner, you can also request access to patient information from the hospital’s health information services department.

You can send your request to DDInfoaccess@health.qld.gov.au. Your email must include your patient’s name, date of birth and consent to access their records.

You'll also need to be specific about the information you need to care for your patient. For example, a copy of their colonoscopy report in 2018.

We won't action a general request asking for a copy of a complete file. You'll be asked to refine the scope of your request.

Last updated: August 2023