Incredible donation for Warwick’s chemotherapy patients

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Paul Lyons, Cheryl Bohan, Lorraine King, Mary Bourke, Elaine Stewart, Robyn Cameron, Ros Keim and Karen Shepherd

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The kindness of a complete stranger is now making a special difference inside the walls of Warwick Hospital.

New equipment for the chemotherapy ward has been donated by the Leukaemia Foundation, to help honour a local woman’s wish.

Darling Downs Health Nurse Unit Manager Robyn Cameron said the staff at Warwick Hospital are extremely grateful.

“We now have a new bed bath trolley, which makes it easier for us to help give patients showers and wash their hair,” Ms Cameron said.

“While this might seem like a small act for some, I’m sure it will make a big difference to the people we care for who might struggle with day-to-day tasks that we take for granted.”

“As well as the trolley, we were lucky enough to receive two lounge chairs that convert into beds for relatives who stay the night.”

Warwick’s Leukaemia Foundation President Ros Keim said the equipment was purchased thanks to a sizable donation from a woman who had passed.

“She left an incredibly generous amount of money to the Leukaemia Foundation, which has allowed us to support facilities like Warwick Hospital,” said Ms Keim.

“Most members of the Leukaemia Foundation have someone in their family who has had leukaemia or another type of blood cancer so it’s really special to know that we can donate this equipment.”

“It means you can be as comfortable as possible when undergoing chemotherapy in your own town.”

Ms Cameron thanked the Warwick Leukaemia Foundation for the donation.

“We all know that healthcare has been quite challenging lately so this is a really lovely reminder of how kind our Southern Downs community can be.”